My name is Julia, but people usually call me whatever creative nicknames they desire. I respond to most of them since names are not truly identifiers. I'm a city-loving-lights-bustling-sidewalks-honking-cars kind of person residing in one of the America's truly Southern states. It may have not been a good idea, but maybe it'll do me some good to live in the peace and quiet of my 80 square feet dorm room before I roam out into the real world.

Truly great times involve a cup of black tea and a terrible movie on Netflix. If I could live an ideal future, I'd work an incredibly crazy, exciting job in the mornings and return to a cozy, loving apartment in the evenings. I love when I receive a pack of developed film, waiting for Polaroid film to reveal an image, wearing cozy shoes, and a good hair day. What else?

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